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Patch Whole Tomato Software Visual Assist X v10.9.2270.0

Discussion in 'All Dev' started by yranib, May 16, 2018.

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    May 9, 2018
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    Url : http://www.wholetomato.com/

    Fill the gaps in Microsoft Visual Studio
    when working in C/C++ and C#

    If you know your way around Microsoft Visual Studio, especially if you know its boundaries, you’ll find Visual Assist to have features you wish were standard in the IDE. This extension makes the IDE phenomenal.

    If you're already a fast coder, a wee bit set in your ways, and skeptical of plug-ins and extensions, you'll really appreciate the understated interfaces of Visual Assist. This product doesn't get in your way.

    If you cringe at the thought of another parser running as you edit, you'll be impressed with the speed of Visual Assist. This plug-in doesn't consume resources just to tell you you've violated a formatting standard.

    Supported Microsoft IDEs
    • Visual Studio 2017 (Including Community Edition)
    • Visual Studio 2015 (Including Community Edition)
    • Visual Studio 2013 (Including Community Edition)
    • Visual Studio 2012
    • Visual Studio 2010
    • Visual Studio 2008
    • Visual Studio 2005
    Supported Operating Systems
    • Windows 10
    • Windows 8.1
    • Windows 8
    • Windows 7

    ChangeLog : http://www.wholetomato.com/features/whats-new.asp

    General Release Build 2270

    Requires maintenance through 2018.04.30

    - Source Links includes a new plug-in, File Viewer, that previews the content of files whose paths appear in source comments. Preview-able formats include HTML, XAML, RTF, text, and image formats such as png and jpg.
    - File Viewer can be enabled and configured in the options dialog of Visual Assist.
    - Find References now reports a count of references hidden from the results.
    - Use single-letter toggles (D, S, R, and M) or the context menu of a results window to control types of references displayed.
    - GoTo Related (Shift+Alt+G) or Quick Actions (Shift+Alt+Q) from an #include directive now opens a menu with actions pertinent to a header, including Open Containing Folder.
    - Improved results of Code Inspection in header files.
    - Improved support for Unreal Engine (UE4), and added a UE4-specific page to the options dialog of Visual Assist.
    - Improved support for GTEST.
    - Reduced memory footprint by moving Code Inspection to a separate process.

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed undo of Change Signature to require only a single invocation of the command across all files modified. (case=115689)
    • [VS2015] Fix for period of unresponsiveness while attempting to display large Quick Info tooltip. (case=115590)
    • Fixed cases where Introduce Variable, Add/Remove Braces, Create Missing Cases, and Create From Usage either were not available or produced incorrect results in overloaded method implementations. (case=114731, case=114730, case=90190, case=86791)
    • Fix for failure to resolve overloaded method during Goto (Alt+G). (case=114785)
    • Fix for VA Hashtags's not being removed from tool window when file is deleted outside of Visual Studio. (case=114055)
    • Fixed Code Inspection crash. (case=115487)
    • Fix for inappropriate display of message box when opening "mssql::*" documents. (case=115635)
    • Fix for platform change in VA Options dialog's not being properly committed (regression in 2258.5). (case=116077)


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