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Android SDK with eclipse ADT - Minimum

Discussion in 'Android' started by Youpi, May 15, 2018.

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    Android SDK with eclipse ADT - Minimum
    Complete android SDK with eclipse ADT and JDK+JRE (Windows)
    Type: Applications > Windows
    Tag(s): android SDK eclipse ADT development environment
    Downloading android development environment from official website takes a lot of time and is a bit complicated for new users.
    This contains the complete android development environment already installed and read to use.
    You should set the SDK location to Android\android-sdk-windows
    sdk is in android-sdk-windows directory

    Choose File->New Android Project
    choose as target SDK Android 4.0.3

    The package name shouldn't be "package"

    After creating the project, on Project uncheck "Build Automatically"
    else you won't be able to build your project!

    Where is the design mode?
    on xml layout:
    on your project, res subdirectory, layout subdirectory
    and there you will find main.xml

    Eclipse create released signed apk:
    Right-click your project in Eclipse > Choose Android Tool
    > Export Signed Application Package...

    Download link:
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